Water proof jackets are nothing but the jackets with water proof technology. This water proof technology helps the jacket to be free from entering of water inside it. This can be washed with water, but the water does not stick to the jacket. Mainly ladies water proof jackets were made by fabric cloth materials, which gives comfort to every woman wearing it. Moreover these jackets were available in several shapes and sizes and even in various colors. This will be suitable for every woman and the range of jackets made will be for all ages from babies to old ladies. So anyone can wear this water proof jacket at any instance. For people especially woman, this avoids the fear of jacket getting spoiled by water, or cool drinks or even by drugs, as these jackets were made using waterproof membranes covering the fabric cloth or material inside. This jacket also contains pores for easy breathing. The technology used by the manufacturers is called as the DWR technology. The name DWR is the acronym for Durable Water Resistant Technology, where the jackets are water repellent and are very durable. These coats are manufactured by using several materials. Mainly they contain Wool as the main component. Pure wool keeps the jacket warm during winter and cool during the summer. Mostly heavy wools were used for making these jackets. Also some coats are manufactured using Fibre materials and some uses Jute as their main part to manufacture water proof coating. But even nowadays, these jackets have been manufactured using the skins of animals. Most of the leather jackets are manufactured from the skins of cows, goats, sheep (wool), and other domestic animals. Some companies also manufacture using chemical substances. As already said, these jackets are available in different shapes and sizes, such as extra small, small, medium, large and extra large including XXL, and ranges from various sizes as per the structure given. More over these jackets were now available for sale on online and as well as offline. And also there are several offers for people buying it online, and the cost is comparatively very less. So people especially woman can start buying these water proof jackets and get benefited. This gives more comfort even to the young children. Moreover ladies can buy this at home online at lower rates. Woman can also order these jackets to be made, and the sizes and shapes and even the designs can be specified for making the jacket as per their desire. However many jackets are available already for sale on the market, this will cost comparatively less, and the water proof technology gives woman a new and an excellent experience of wearing. People can also wear this jacket anywhere and this will be more suitable for them. Even various designs and colors can be chosen on buying. Most of the water proof jacket manufacturers yield more money because of the availability of jackets at various colors and various designs and the durability of the material made of. Ladies prefer different color, so by this way or other, women are comfortable with these jackets, and the jackets make them ease of use.